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Fitness Franchise Opportunities India


Rolling out a new franchise is a streamlined process involving these 8 stages

Stage 1 – Site Selection

The most important cog in the success machinery of a business like ours is the location of the centre. It needs to be readily accessible to the target population. Franchisees are requested to shortlist 4-5 locations while making the deposit. Our Project Manager then visits and evaluates all options before finalising the right location.

Once the location is finalised, the franchisee will enjoy a secure territory and complete support from Talwalkars.

Stage 2 – Site Measurement & Evaluation

Once the location has been finalised, the Project Management Consultancy, swoops in on the site to measure it and produce the layout for the design team. It also identifies the variables that affect the capex and determine the main signage and branding placement.

Stage 3 – Club Design

The project management team turns around all the construction drawings of the club based on preset criteria and the layout of the site in 6 days.

Stage 4 – Project Management

On approval of the club design, a team of empanelled architects, contractors, vendors and suppliers converge to give the final shape to your HI FI centre. The team is trained and groomed beforehand, and pre-set standards and specifications applied. Where possible, material finishes are procured from set vendors to ensure consistency of design, customer experience and branding.

These measures ensure that the 45 day deadline for finishing the project is met.

Stage 5 – Staff Recruitment & Training

A place is only good as its people. Which is why we guide you as you go about building your team. We help you set up the organisation structure, pay scales and incentives. We provide online support or back-end operations and trouble shooting. The key staff is trained in club management systems.
Our business training partner, Empower, assists you in recruiting, training, system deployment and management. The software is web based and centralised. The technical training is conducted by our in house faculty.

Stage 6 – Pre Launch

Fifteen days before launch, we start on a well-calibrated event that is controlled and executed by the Operations Management Consultancy. All crucial considerations such as recruitment of core team or pre-sale marketing and pricing are fleshed out in detail here. With good coordination between the PMC and the HI FI project team, the pre-sale is a guaranteed success.

Stage 7 – The Launch

The day you have waited for is finally here. To help you kick-start your HI FI with a bang, Empower assists you in targeting the right target audience with the right programs.

Customized, fully integrated marketing campaigns are rolled out to advertise your club in your city.

Stage 8 – Marketing Guidance

Since marketing is an on-going process, we are always at hand to help you devise programs to cultivate more customers. Our annual calendar of marketing initiatives and promotional campaigns is the most important consideration in all our plans. We identify the message and the time of its release.

To ensure cost efficiency and brand standards, creatives are shared with you for execution.