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Gym Franchise Opportunities India

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the investment?

Model Carpet Area Investment (Rs lacs)
1 1500 45-55
2 2000 65-75
3 2500 85-95

The model offered to the franchisee is based on the assessment of the city and the specific catchment area or location

Are there any other hidden costs or investments?
The above investment does not include the premises, which you need to have; it can be leased or owned.
It’s assumed all utilities are provided at the site, as needed viz. electricity, water, and all necessary permissions are taken from authorities.

Do you as franchisor invest?
We do not invest as this is a pure franchisee model, we provide the brand, the complete expertise, complete standardization, full training, management support, operating web based system, but investment is fully done by the franchisee.

What do you charge?
As franchisor we charge Rs 10 lacs license fee for providing our brand name to you for a period of 10 years. In the fifth year we charge Rs 80,000 as renewal fees. Royalty is charged at 6%of turnover for first 3 years and thereafter 8% (turnover is gross income net of service tax collected).

Do you provide staff?
We don’t provide staff but we help in the selection by recommending agencies who are trained in recruiting as per our set standards, also we use our network of clubs across 61 cities to help you get staff. Where possible, we do phone interviews and also SKYPE interviews.

Do you help in getting finance?
We ourselves don’t do it, but we can guide you to professionals who help raise funds.

What is the profitability?
The ROI is 35-50% and you can recover your investment put in about 2.5-3 years.

Can I set up a franchisee in a city where a Talwalkars is present?
YES you can, provided both do not cannibalize into each other. For that we recommend a minimum distance of 5 kms from an existing Talwalkar health club. But the final decision rests with the company.

Do I get a secure territory?
YES once you sign up for a location normally we give at least a 3 Km radius as secure territory.

Is HI FI part of Talwalkars (TBVF Ltd), the listed company?
Yes it is.

Can I do the interiors with my own contractors?
We strongly recommend you go with our empanelled contractors to avoid mistakes leading to increased costs due to non-adherence or mistakes vis a vis brand standards.

Can I do any other changes?
All elements that contribute to the brand are standardized and controlled by the company and the franchisee is not permitted to change it.