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Gym Franchise Business



Having spent over 60 years of his life in the quest for bringing fitness to the people, Mr Madhukar Talwalkar wanted to take his endeavour to the next level. That was the genesis of Talwalkars HI FI.

"Fitness has given me wealth in the truest sense. Not just money but respect, and love of family, friends and society. A few years back I asked myself how can I give back?”
Mr. Madhukar Talwalkar

The idea was to start an enterprise that was more a movement than a business. The aim being to deliver the benefits of fitness across the length and breadth of India, by coupling the tremendous experience of Talwalkars with India’s newfound entrepreneurial spirit.

Amrith Rao - Held Sr. Management Positions in Retail, Manufacturing & Franchise Industry. Handled over 3800 employees. Anant Gawande, the Director at TBVF Ltd, joined in to mentor the business and also introduced IDIOM, the design company based in Bangalore. Idiom helped package the concept into a tangible form. Soon, the brand name HI FI and the tag line ‘Healthy India Fit India’ were formulated.

At the start there were questions aplenty. How to provide the best facilities at the lowest cost? How to design the fitness experience to be more fun, engaging and at the same time result oriented? Also, importantly, how to ensure entrepreneurs who put in money can recover it within 2-3 years? And finally, how to make it easy to manage and operate? And in finding the answers to these questions, the quest began in earnest; starting with the branding, design, project detailing, a step-by-step approach that would take this from a mere chain of fitness centres to a crusade we call the Healthy India Fit India Movement.

A team and a network of vendor partners was put together. Everything was standardized. Club Intelligence System (CIS), a system for operating clubs with processes manuals etc. was developed by the team instantly making the running and managing a HI FI centre simpler and more efficient. So each HI FI starts with a package ready to be fitted, adapted and executed to a location for assured success and faster payback.

Designed to go beyond the usual role of a gym, HI FI functions as a community centre built around fitness. The goal is to have 300 HI FI centres by 2014, and in this journey HI FI hopes to involve lakhs of professionals in fitness, body building, athletics and sports, dietetics, physiotherapy and physical training.